A small fleet of rental K1’s, C1’s, C2’s and Wavehoppers are available for developing nations on a first come first serve basis. Contact as soon as possible to make your reservation.


To reduce these costs for visiting teams, and increase the availability of wildwater boats in the US we propose to centralize the selling of boats to US residents by visiting teams.  In order to accomplish this we will require the following information by May 1st 2015:

Boat manufacturer (e.g. ZBS), model (e.g. Cayenne), construction (e.g Racing C), deck color (e.g. black), hull color (e.g. natural), a photo of the boat if available, name and email contact information of owner (e.g. Chris Norbury, and tentative price requested for sale (this will be negotiated with potential buyers).

The information will be distributed to potential buyers across the US and buyers identified (i.e. prices will not just be defined by who can make it to the race site).  Payments will be made in US dollars unless other arrangements (e.g. bank transfers) are made ahead of time.

All inquiries about this process, and any information about the boats being shipped should be sent to Chris Norbury, email


It’s unlikely you will be able to fly into the USA with many of the materials needed to repair a boat. As a result, epoxy and adhesives will be available on-site and for sale at the NOC Outfitters Store.