Athlete Accommodation

Onsite Teams Lodging:

NOC Basecamp – Hostel-style lodging, offers group kitchen, dining and bathroom facilities. Sleeps two to eight persons/room.
Cost: $17/night per person plus taxes & fees.

NOC Cabins & motel– Includes private kitchen, bathroom and dining area. Sleep 4 to 13 people. Cost: Starts at $59/night plus taxes & fees.

Click here for more information on lodging at NOC.

For questions regarding onsite team accommodations email

Meal Plan

Athlete Meal Plan is available by the day beginning July 27th.

Dates: Monday, August 27–Monday–Sunday,August 9

Includes: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Cost:$20 per person per day.

Meal Plans can be booked separately from lodging,but must be booked in advance. Last day to register for a Meal Plan is Monday July 6. Only athletes and official team support staff can purchase a Meal Plan. No family or friends. Meal Plans are non-refundable; there will be no refund for skipped meals. to register for a Meal Plan.